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Welcome to the SVIM website

Hi, I’m Dr. Treadwell. I provide internal medicine care for dogs and cats at your primary care veterinarian’s hospital. I also consult over the phone with you or your veterinarian.

I have been working with regional veterinarians since 2001. I have long term working relationships with many veterinarians and I always look forward to working with new ones.

My goal is to make the consultation process easy and effective to provide your pet an expert opinion as you work through their medical needs.


Your veterinarian will submit a consultation request form online, and email or fax medical records to SVIM. X-rays, blood work results, ecgs, and picturesare all recommended for review.

I review the medical records and create a detailed list of probable medical conditions, any further testing needed, and medication options. It will include prognosis and general cost ranges for treatment whenever possible.

If desired, a phone conversation with your veterinarian or with you can be arranged to discuss the report.

One follow up conversation is included in the initial price.

Please contact your veterinarian to begin the process. I am happy to speak with your vet with any questions they might have.

  • Ultrasound
  • Extensive senior wellness work up
  • Chemotherapy
  • Organ and mass samples
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Ultrasound (also called sonogram) is used to see inside of the body cavities and into organs. The heart, thyroid, liver, kidneys and many other organs are evaluated by sound wave images. This allows us to see the shape, size, and texture of an organ – inside of the organ. It helps us evaluate location and type of disease, to take samples of organs or masses inside organs, and to remove fluid from body cavities.


Most large and giant breed dogs are considered seniors at 5-7 years of age. While smaller dogs and cats around age 8-10. Senior wellness is a proactive way to identify problems early in our older pets. Blood work, urine testing, ecg, x-ray and ultrasound are used to screen for disease. If problems are found early, we can correct or manage them better.

Certain breeds can benefit from specific screening test. For instance Scottish Terriers have a higher chance of urinary bladder cancers than most breeds. A yearly urine test may be used to screen for the presence of cancer before it can be seen on ultrasound. This allows for the only chance for a surgical cure or long term remission from this type of cancer.

Large breed dogs including German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, and Golden Retrievers are at higher risk for a spleen tumor called hemangiosarcoma. A screening ultrasound to check the spleen, liver, and heart, can find early signs of the tumor, so it can be removed as early as possible.

Many older pets eventually have problems with one or more of these issues: joint pain, obesity, dental disease and organ dysfunction. I can work with your veterinarian to create a proactive patient specific senior wellness plan for your pet.


Your veterinarian may identify a special test or procedure not available in their hospital. I will come there and perform many procedures to help diagnose disease. Lung wash, bone marrow sampling, placing temporary feeding tubes, and chemotherapy are some of the services I can provide in your family veterinary clinic.


If you are not sure what to do next for your sick little one, your veterinarian can arrange a telephone consult with me. Once I have the medical records to review, we can set up a 30 minute phone consult where you can ask questions and I can give options for testing and treatment. Sometimes this helps pet parents make difficult decisions about continued testing and treatments.