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Information for Referring Veterinarians

To schedule an internal medicine consult, please call, email or submit a request for an appointment. I will get back to you promptly about cost and availability of services.

Internal Medicine Consults

  • Email Online Consults: Please use the Consultation Request button to initiate an internal medicine online consult via email. Fill out the form to provide a brief summary and submit it through the website. For electronic medical records and any other information you want reviewed, please send these as attachments to or fax to 1+ 318-301-6720.

  • Telephone or Video Conference Consults: Initiate the consult via the Consultation Request button. For an urgent consultation, call 318-224-2677. If I am available, I will talk to you right away. Once an agreed upon time is established and I have had time to review the information you submit, we will discuss the case via telephone or video conference.

    Another option for this type of consult, is me speaking with your clients directly. The ideal circumstance for this, is you suspect or have made a diagnosis, and the client is trying to decide about pursuing further testing or treatment. For instance, you have confirmed a diagnosis of lymphoma or you suspect pulmonary hypertension. You can send me all of the medical record and submit the consultation request as usual. Then I will set up a telephone or video conference with your client to discuss details such as cost, risk of testing, treatments, and prognosis.

  • In-House Consults: With a mobile ultrasound or procedure performed at your hospital or clinic, consults are offered as two options: a veterinariarian consult included with your ultrasound or procedure service, or as an in-house client consultation, which is an additional service.

    The two options in relationship to service:

    1. I do not consult with the client. The patient is dropped off, and I examine the patient, review the records, perform the procedures, and provide you a detailed summary of the procedure with diagnosis, other tests needed, and recommendations for treatment and monitoring. You will provide this information to the client.
    2. I see your client and patient in an exam room, go over the medical record, examine the patient, and go over the recommended procedures. They wait or drop off while I perform the procedures. I report results to the owner and go over the plan with them directly. I provide a detailed summary of the procedure with diagnosis, other tests needed, and recommendations for treatment and monitoring.

    Both of these options include one follow up call in the price. And email management is no charge for up to 6 months.

    To request an online, telephone or video conference, or an in-house client consultation:

    Consultation Request

    For a veterinarian consult with a mobile ultrasound and procedure, please follow the process for requesting a Mobile Ultrasound and Procedure.