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Fine Needle Aspirates and Ultrasound Guided Biopsy and Aspirates often provide a diagnosis without having to send a patient to surgery. Or help us learn more about the problem prior to surgery to maximize the success of a surgical procedure.

Dr. Treadwell assess samples the same day, allowing quick screening for infections, cancers and immune disease.

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Cytol mast cell tumor

Cytology 100X mast cell tumor

Cytol 100x round cells

Cytology 100x histiocytoma

Small mass on the skin of a dog. Fine Needle Aspirate of the mass showing round cells producing purple granules. This is a Mast Cell Tumor.

Sampling this mass allowed a diagnosis made prior to surgical removal. MCT must have a large amount of tissue removed to increase the chance of a cure - this is good to know before going to surgery. The second image is from a skin mass as well. This tumor, however, is benign and will probably go away on its own. This dog does not need surgery – just monitoring.

Ultrasound of intestine

The image above is an ultrasound image of a dog's thick section of intestine. A Fine Needle Aspirate of the area shows large number of these round cells.

Lymphosarcoma in the liver

This is a cancer called lymphosarcoma. LSA is not surgically correctable. So this dog did not have to undergo an unnecessary surgery to obtain a diagnosis.

Joint pain

This sweet Cocker Spaniel's joints hurt - she could barely walk. A joint tap of 2-3 joints showed large numbers of inflammatory cells (white blood cells). She has a joint disease similar to Reheumatoid Arthritis in people. The joint tap samples are the best way to determine if a disease like this is causing multiple joints to hurt and swell. She has responded very well to treatment.

Hudson Carpus

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